Men's Zeal Slate Goggles, Upland Grass - Polarized Automatic


Frame: Impact resistant frame technology; Medium size frame fit; Lens: High density lens technology with 100% UV protection, polarization and anti fog coating; Anit fog infused lens process; VLT 12% - 45%; Conditions: A great goggle built to adjust to changing light conditions; Helmet compatibility: Rubber backed straps making them perfect for not slipping when used with a helmet; Ventilation: Built with a foam mould and proprietary venting; Strap: Dual strap adjustments with non slip backs; OTG: This goggle has been designed and crafted for a perfect over the glasses fit with no fogging nor discomfort; The Zeal Slate goggle is designed with comfort and fit in mind with the unique shape allowing for maximum peripheral clarity while a redesigned nose bridge makes the google sit more comfortable. ; ; LENS INFO - Automatic Polarized is Zeal's own patented Polarized + Photochromic lens technology built to adjust to changing light conditions. Ranging from low light conditions with yellow at 45% VLT right up to a high contrast gunmetal grey at 12% VLT. :: Men > Goggles Size: one size.

Price: £175.99 at Surfdome