Men's Zeal Slate Goggles, Dark Night - Dark Grey Polarized


Venting: Strategic venting placement to add airflow through the goggle; Anti-fog: Thanks to the venting and Anti-Fog molecules, moisture and fog never build up; UV Protection: 100% UVA/B/C light protection thanks to enhanced filters; Solid Stitch: Heavy duty threading is used to a durable, tough goggle; No Slip: A double beading layer of silicon covers the strap for a secure fit to your helmet or beanie; Polarization: Photochromic technology is added to the Optimum lens for the most premium lens; The premium Automatic lens automatically adjusts to changing light conditions and blocks 100% of UV light; Impact Resistant Frame Technology: A durable build withstands those hard smashes; Mirrored Lens: Glare reducing element; Frame Construction: Built with durable, high quality elements for a comfortable fit and protection; Dual Straps: Dual Strap system adds comfort and allows perfect placement for goggle position; Boulder Based: Tried, designed and tested in all elements that the Rocky Mountains have to offer; Over Glass: Comfortably wear prescription glasses underneath these goggles; Helmet Compatible: ZEAL goggles fit with most helmets on the market; :: Men > Goggles Size: one size.

Price: £129.99 at Surfdome