Men's Sinner Galaxy OTG Goggles, Matte White - Double Orange Mirror


Features an easy changeable lens system; Prescription eyewear can be worn under goggle; Superior fit and ultimate comfort with double overlapping soft foam; Double lens for clear vision on slope with enhanced contrast; The outer lens protects against the environment while inner lens prevents fogging; Anti-fog treatment to lens to disperse build-up of moisture; The two lenses are separated by thin space of air and sealed together with foam; Spherical lens with a curved shapes and ultimate peripheral vision; Spherical lenses have less distortion than traditional flat lenses, ensuring a clearer, sharper vision; Extra comfort with soft foam padding crafted with hypoallergenic material; Easy adjustable strap; Helmet compatible; 100% UV Protection; Includes extra double orange polarised SINTEC lens; The SINTEC lens create an enhanced sense of depth with increased contrast and reduction of harsh glare; :: Men > Goggles Size: one size.

Price: £41.99 at Surfdome