Men's Cebe Origins L Goggles, Pro Purple - Orange Flash Fire


3-Density Foam: Two layers of foam padding with different densities. A fleece layer adds to the perfect fit; Articulated Attachments: Add comfort and add helmet compatibility; Compatible with Prescription Glasses: Enough depth to the goggle to wear glasses underneath; Fit: Medium Fit; PC/ AC Double Lens: Outer polycarbonate lens combines with inner acetate lens to combat fogging; Silicone Interne: 3 silicone strips are applied to inside of strap for better grip and stability; Lens Shape: Spherical; Wide field of vision: Offers maximum optical comfort with heightened field of vision; Ventilation: Vent filters in 3D mesh; Origins The 3 tips on the Origins frame guarantee perfect protection from snow; Orange Flash Fire Lens: Great performance in most conditions with improved perception of depths; Visible Light with included lens: 33%; :: Men > Goggles Size: one size.

Price: £68.99 at Surfdome