Radical Preen Up Pipe Gloves 2014 Red


Radical Preen Up Glove Neoprene Snowboard Ski Gloves New 2014 Red Various Sizes The Preen up is a new glove from Rad! for 2014 with a full neoprene back hand in a nice clean styled pipe glove / spring glove package. Full silicone palm grip to make sure you hold your grab and not slip. Key Features: Super Grip Silicon Palm - Super sticky to grab your board and tweak that grab or simply add more grip when carrying your board Neoprene Backhand - Nice soft and stretchy to flex when you need it to and offer more water resistance than your regular fabric pipe glove Boogie Wiper Thumb - Soft so you dont chafe your nose when having a cheeky wipe on the mountain Neoprene Adjustable Cuff - Strecthy where it needs to be around the cuff RRP £35

Price: £28.00 at The Board Basement