Icebreaker Apex 260 Glove Liner


The Icebreaker Glove Liner 260 is ideal when you need an extra layer of thermal protection against the ice and snow. Made using Merino wool, these are the cosiest gloves you'll ever wear. The Apex has a touch of Lycra to give you that enhanced fit. Features Merino wool - 260g/mLycraThermal protectionRegulates temperatureBreathableSoftNon-itch Glossary Merino wool:Soft, non-itch wool from Merino sheep that provides good insulation even when wet, is durable, odour resistant, comfortable and warm. Lycra:The most famous brand name associated with spandex. A synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity, it is stronger and more durable than rubber. Size: L|M|S|XL|XS.

Price: £26.99 at Snow and Rock