K2 Lien AT Snowboard Bindings 2015 Black


K2 Lien Snowboard Bindings - Black - 2015 The all-new Lien snowboard binding was designed from the ground up to support the rider in all types of shredding conditions. Crafted using optimization techniques to max out weight savings and strength; the tripod baseplate represents a breakthrough in toughness but also natural give and flex so that you don't feel like you are standing in cement. This snowboard binding is built to be strong; but move with you. Key features: Chassis: NEW! Tripod w/Harshmellow Highback: NEW! Zero AT Highback Ankle strap: NEW! Asym AT Strap w/ hinge mount and cam-lock centering Strap Features: Hinge Mount & Cam-Lock Centering Toe Strap: EZ-Set Ratchet: Ultra RADchet & EZ Feed Housing Disc: NEW Universal Mini Disc Footbed: Canted Seamless EVA; Harshmellow™ Shockpads Tool-Less Adjust Power Ramp RRP £195

Price: £195.00 at The Board Basement