KJUS Men's FRX Pants


The FRX Pants by KJUS are high technical and breathable, making them the best quality pants for active backcountry skiers. Perfectly compatible with the FRX and FRX Pro Jackets, it has been constructed with the exclusive White Dragon fabric, these superior pants are highly durable, breathable, waterproof, has a better wicking effect and has a higher thermal capacity. With a Dermizax NX membrane and Fieldsensor lining, you will never need anything else. Features Breathability rating: 42,900 g/m/24h Waterproof rating: 30,000mm Dermizax NX membrane AC vent extended for extra ventilation White Dragon fabric with Fieldsensor lining - 100% polyester DWR treated finish Hidden YKK zipper to connect pants and jacket All around Schoeller Dynatec Skiedge Protection at leg hem Ergonomic seams for perfect fit Integrated stretch snow gaiters with silicone tape Bodymapped lining concept for the perfect climate and injury protection Integrated belt to fine tune the fit 2-way stretch Reinforcement - 92% polyamide, 8% polyurethane Comfort fit, mid rise Glossary Breathability Rating:Breathability is measured as a rating in grams of how much vapour a square metre of fabric will allow to pass through in 24 hours (g/m2/24). For general use, 10000g/m2/24 and above is desirable. It should be noted that breathable fabrics do not stop you sweating and care should be taken as to clothing worn beneath waterproof/breathable shells. High quality base layers and fleece or insulated midlayers should in themselves draw vapour from the body and pass it outwards, thus allowing the outer fabric to do its job. Cotton clothing should never be worn as part of a performance clothing layering system. Waterproof Rating:This is measured and expressed as Hydrostatic Head in millimetres (mm). To find out the Hydrostatic Head of a fabric the manufacturer will take a clear tube and clamp their material over the bottom end. They will then fill the tube slowly with water and watch to see how high the column of water can get before the material lets drips through. The higher the hydrostatic head, the better the water protection. The European Standard a fabric must meet to be classified as waterproof is a Hydrostatic Head rating of 1500mm, and on average, outerwear fabrics tend to have a hydrostatic head of 10000mm and above. Dermizax NX:Exceptionally breathable, waterproof and windproof membrane technology with outstanding stretch properties. At its heart lies a non-porous hydrophilic PU membrane specially constructed on a molecular level that allows vapour molecules to pass easily from inside a garment to the outside. 100% waterproof, it is also environmentally friendly as it only generates in its production 1/10th of the CO2 emissions compared to other membranes. Schoeller Dynatec:Provides protection against ski-edge injury. Made using a functional, protective fabric that is highly resistant to tearing, comfortable to wear, ultra resistant to abrasion, easy to care for and durable. Size: 48 - 30|50 - 32|52 - 34|54 - 36.

Price: £199.00 at Snow and Rock

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