Beat airline charges with these bargain DaKine bags!

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The only snag with all the amazing sales that are around at the moment is the fact that there’s no way all the new gear we’ve picked up is going to fit in our old suitcase! And with  airlines charging up to £100 (return) to check in a bag, we figured we might as well save ourselves the cost of checking in an extra one and put the money towards buying a bigger bag! And fortunately we’ve managed to find some great deals on luggage to make this solution even more of a no-brainer…

Our friends at Hardcloud clearly pre-empted this scenario and have stocked up on DaKine luggage and are offering it for up to 30% off. Extreme Pie have also put a massive range of luggage in their sale, including some great snowboard bags, and are offering a further 10% off all orders over £50 until the end of January, when you use the voucher code ‘HAPPY10’ at checkout. Get this monster DaKine Split Roller bag (Large – 100L) for £107.95, reduced from £141, when you use the code. If we can’t fit all our stuff in there then we’re going to have to rationalise!

If you’re taking a snowboard then the best way of keeping baggage charges to a minimum is to get a large roller snowboard bag and pack most of your kit in there too. Just make sure that it doesn’t weigh more than the airline’s specified limit. The best deal we’ve found on these is this DaKine Low Roller snowboard bag from Surfdome which has already been reduced by 20% from £80 to £64, and you can get a further 10% off before the end of January using the voucher code ‘January10’, taking the price down to £57.57!

To maximise the amount of stuff you can you carry on board with you, thus avoiding another baggage charge, get yourself one of these DaKine Carry On roller bags which fit the required dimensions for a piece of carry-on baggage and are reduced  from £100 to £84.99 in the Hardcloud sale.

If you’re checking in something as big as the split roller bag though, this DaKine Heli Pro rucksack should be all you need for hand luggage, and it’ll do nicely for your backcountry adventures too. Get it reduced from £71 to £58.45 when you use the ‘HAPPY10’ voucher code at Extreme Pie. You can also get it to match your check-in baggage if that’s how you like to roll!

Take advantage of these great deals and you’ll save a fortune in baggage charges in the long run!

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